Mar 15, 2008

Recipe - Ghee

(Clarified Butter)


Ghee is an important part of Indian cuisine. Ayurveda considers ghee to be very beneficial when taken in moderation and is considered to be like soma (nectar of life). Ghee from fresh cow's milk is often given in abundance to a new mother in post-partum care to ensure the baby and mother are well nourished and healthy. Ghee is used for cooking as well as lighting lamps during religious activities.


  • 1 pound unsalted butter unsalted


Melt butter in a medium/heavy saucepan at medium-high heat.

The butter starts melting/boil within 6-8 minutes.

As you notice the froth/foam forming, turn down the heat to medium setting. The froth starts to disappear slowly, butter changes to transparent form and turns into gold color liquid. The saturated fat settles to the bottom of the sauce pan (in approximately 6 - 8 minutes).

Gently pour into a clean container through a strainer while it is still hot/warm. Please take extra care while straining the ghee. Store and keep in a dry place for long shelf life.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

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