Jun 19, 2008

Recipe - Bangaladumpa Chips (aloo ke chips)

Potato chips


Potato chips are full of starch and oil. Its is junk food. But for mental health it is ok to eat junk food in moderation. My kids always tease me, asking, "Mom. you made junk food today?" Is it ok, to have junk food? Many more expressions of surprise.

I have always seen my mom making potato chips from my childhood. I always use to feel it is such a waste of time and energy to make it at home, it is better to buy it from a store. After marrying to my health conscious husband, I have also become health conscious and prefer to eat home made stuff than store bought. That doesn't mean I don't buy potato chips from store. I make potato chips to surprise my kids hahaha... The process is fairly easy, the result is a big surprise and a big hug from my kids.


  • Potato - 1
  • Salt - 1/4 teaspoon
  • Red chilli powder - 1/4 teaspoon
  • Oil to deep fry - 2 cups to deep fry


Make thin slices of potao with the help of slicer or with knife. I prefer the slicer. Knief kind of cuts it inuneven thinckness. The thicker the slick the soggier are the chips. I prefer to slice them very thin, to get the wafer taste and look.

Preheat oil in a skillet/kadai. I carefully slice potato into the kadai, as I am making the chips (that's how I learnt :-)). You can always slice them in the side and transfer the sliced potato into the kadai. Deep fry the chips on both side till they are well fried and just before they turn into golden brown. Remove them before they change their color, to retain the perfect color you want, else with the remaining hotness the chips will have burnt taste.

Remove chips on to a paper towel, to remove excess oil from the chips. Sprinkle salt, and red chilli powder. Let it cool before storing in an air tight container.

Shelf life - 1 -2 weeks
Preparation time 15 minutes


Uma said...

delicious potato chips, priya! Love the way you did them.

TBC said...

Junk food is o.k., in moderation. I forget the "in moderation" part.:D

Shri said...

Lovely chips!I think you are the competitor to Lays...

Suma Rajesh said...

wooo homemade potatoe chips r great and yummy taste...i luv it

skribles said...

oh yummy crispy chips .. can I have some?
Hey Priya, I have a surprise for u at my blog post http://foodwithapinchoflove.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/another-meme/

Jeena said...

So crispy and delicious.

Asha said...

Can't beat homemade chips!:))

Sireesha said...

WoW homemade potato chips are great and yummy taste...i love it.My mother makes the same way.......

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