Jun 20, 2008

Awards and Meme:

One more Meme! I have been tagged by skribles . I would like to tag






1. What was I doing ten years ago?

Finished studying at the University and was planning on starting work...

2. What are five things on my to-do list for today (non-work related)?

Taking kids to Swimming

Bike riding with the family

Taking kids to Park

Cooking, cleaning, organizing and all time job Laundry!!

Blogging and net surfing if any time left...

3. What are five snacks that I enjoy?

I am not really a snack person... but to name a few

Spicy kaju

Spicy Jalapeño potato chips

4. What things would I do if I were a billionaire?

I would hire a full time help in the house. I would cook but the help will clean the kitchen, I will serve food to my family, but the help will clear the dinning table and clean the dishes, do laundry! I hope my husband is not reading, I have a house keeper, who cleans the house every week though! But, I would like it every day;-). Save the time for my family. Would invest in a business where it will multiply without scratching our brains (4 hr work week is my goal!!!).

5. Places I have lived at?

Hyderabad, Iowa, Austin, Southern California, Dallas, Northern California, Chicago and back to Iowa. Again Southern California is calling us...

6. Jobs I have had:
Student, now a systems administrator and a f
ull time wife PLUS full time mom to two young kids :-)


Asha said...

Great MeMe S, love Jalapeño chips too.I have a big bag, Kettle fried style!:D

Thanks for tagging me!:))

skribles said...

Nice Meme ... its good to know more about u :) ... and hey, u seem to be travelling a lot in US!

Jeena said...

Great meme I love the sound of jalepeno chips!

Thank you for tagging me. :-)

Shri said...

Wow!!good that you are playing multiple roles.Great!!nice meme.This meme helps us to know about each other...

Sree said...

Nice reading this,Priya.If you get a million dollar send one house help to me too :p
You guys should have moved here,really.

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