May 7, 2008

Recipe - Carrot Halwa/Carrot Burfi


This recipe marks a milestone - it is 100th recipe on my blog! I started about 3 months ago and wanted to post a recipe each day till I reach 100. At times I thought I would not be able to maintain my regular posts but I made it. Hooray!

Thanks to all of you who provided me with valuable feed back and encouragement. In the spirit of accomplishment and celebration, let me share the recipe for a dessert - Carrot Burfi.

Carrot burfi or halwa are different forms of the same basic dessert. I prefer carrot burfi over carrot halwa, because it is easier to keeptrack of how many pieces you have consumed and can be had in moderation.

Carrot burfi/halwa can be prepared in different ways. Some make it milk base with condensed milk, some make it with paneer and some make it with dry milk powder. Carrot burfi/halwa tastes the same no matter how it is cooked. Today, I substituted paneer with milk powder to speed up the process and the result was delicious carrot halwa.

Carrots can be eaten in different ways, raw, steamed, in soups, in cakes or in sweets like carrot halwa. Carrot is high in dietary fiber,antioxidants, beta carotene and vitamin A. It is believed that consuming carrots makes a persons eye sight better. I cook and feed my family carrot in all the different forms to take advantage of the nutritional value of carrots.

Give this recipe a try and you will truly experience bliss through food!


  • Carrots - 2 lbs (grated)
  • Sugar - 1 and 1/2 cups
  • Cardamon powder - 1 teaspoon
  • Butter - 2 tablespoons
  • Almonds(blanched) - 1/3 cup
  • Non-fat dry milk powder - 2 cups


Melt butter in a heavy saucepan or a large skillet. Add grated carrots and sugar .

Cook them covered for 25 minutes on medium high temperature.

Add dry milk powder, uncover the dish and cook it for 30 to 35 minutes. Stir frequently.

Watch the dish at the end to avoid burning of the carrots. Cook until all the moisture of the dish is almost dry or desired consistency. Add almonds and cardamom, mix it well.

Serve halwa little warm in temperature as a dessert. Carrot halwa makes a great dessert for gathering, weddings or any kind of ceremonies.

To serve it in the form of burfi, grease a plate with butter/ghee and transfer the mixture. Spread it evenly with a buttered spatula or grease your hand to avoid getting the mixture stuck to your hand. Decorate the top layer of the burfi with almonds or pistachios powder, and cut to desired shapes.

Let the burfi cool down before you separate the pieces. Otherwise you will get uneven shapes.

Preparation time - 1 hour.
# Servings : 50 - 60 pieces (depending on the size)


Srinivas M said...

Congratulations on the milestone. I know you did not miss posting even while you were on a vacation! The carrot Halwa looks very nice and is a fitting tribute to the 100th post. Keep Going.......

Devi Priya said...

Thank you anna! The credit goes to my family too.., who had been patient with me all these days and putting up with growing waistline. Now I am being told to tone the growing waist line. Now I will be posting some soups, salads and summer menu's. Too bad you are too far to taste the food.


srinivas said...

Way to go Priya. Congratulations on your 100th post. You were persistent. Keep it up.

Ruchi said...

Priya, congratulations on your milestone. Keep the posts coming. BTW, hum to hain yahan taste karne ke liye.....:):)

JasunaP said...

congrats Devipriya. way to go girl!!! shall check out your recipes!!!

Devi Priya said...

Thank you all fo ryour wonderful support. Ruchi anytime...Ajaoo anytime for taste karne ke liye...


Supree said...

Congrats Priya for reaching 100! Your sweet looks yummy!!


TS said...

congratulations!!! You manage a post each day...that is quite something,
keep posting.


Praveena said...

Hi Devi, I have been an ardent fan of your blog. Its wonderful and keep up the great work. Congratulations on the century!

Preeti said...

Congratulations!! Your passion,zeal and commitment to your blog is commendable.Congrats to annaigaru and the kids too as family support is crucial.Keep the great work going.

Devi Priya said...

Thank you vadina(Preeti), Jasunap, Praveena,Supree,Trupti for your encouragement.


Amma said...

You have posted your 100th recipe on an auspicious day ie Akshaya trithi day.With Shirdi sai baba's blessings you will also post your 1000th recipe.May your reader's enjoy the taste of your recipes and may all of you be healthy and happy.

Cynthia said...

Thanks to Priya,
I have been lucky enough to do more than see this wonderfully photographed and presented blog recipe --- with Priya and Srinivas, I ate BURFI, and had a nice cup of tea!

It was totally yummy, and they were good company too!

Sudhir said...

Thanks to your blog, Me and my friends ( students in bay area) have become expert cooks.

Satya said...


Congratulations for hitting a Big Ton - a century



Caryn said...

Fantastic recipes Priya.

One of these days, when I get the chance, i will try it.

Priya congrats on your 100th recipe.

Kadambari said...

Vow Priya,very gud yaar,keep it up.


Sue Nair said...

Congratulations Priya....will look into your blog once I get my pc back from the computer man. I can then take my own sweet time to check out your recipes without what I am doing right now...always in a hurry..!


Devi Priya said...

Thank you all for your wonderful support and kind words.


Anonymous said...

Good achievement. May be we could have potluck party with all yr receipes. Keep up the good work. I am still not cooking much..I am so busy browsing yr blog, it is keeping me out of kitchen. ;-)


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